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Vehicle inspections are often overlooked and at times not prioritised by vehicle owners and those wishing to purchase a second hand vehicle. Here at Frank O’Grady Automotives we consider vehicle inspections an important service to you. Whether you chose to have a health check of your vehicle, an end of warranty vehicle inspection, or a pre-purchase vehicle inspection our expert technicians will comprehensively access the vehicle for you. By completing a timely inspection you could potentially avoid costly repairs or failure of safety systems.

Health Checks

Our aim is to keep your prestigious vehicle in optimum condition with a focus on safety and reliability. From time to time we require more from our vehicle, such as an extended road trip, so a comprehensive health check is recommended.
Health checks ensure roadworthiness, passenger comfort and safety. We can offer comprehensive health checks, or inspections of a specific concern.
•    Air-conditioning Inspection
•    Baby Seat Installation/Inspection
•    Battery Inspection
•    Brake Inspection
•    Tyre Inspection
•    Suspension Inspection

End of Warranty Inspections

Your new car warranty is coming to an end, an end of warranty inspection can be a good investment.
We will inspect the entire car thoroughly and provide you with a detailed report and a check list on the repairs that are needed prior to the end of your vehicle’s warranty period. An end of warranty inspection can save you lots of trouble and expense by identifying areas in need of repair or replacement before your warranty expires.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Before you buy that second hand car, Frank O’Grady Automotives recommends a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

This is a fully comprehensive vehicle inspection which includes a detailed inspection report. The vehicle will be inspected on the hoist, and the thorough examination will include all mechanical components, the bodywork, paintwork and the under structure of the vehicle for evidence of any damage or unsatisfactory repair work.

Our inspection includes:

•    A Road Test
•    Engine Diagnostic Scan
•    Full Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
•    Report

Purchasing the wrong car can be a very expensive mistake. We remove the risk so there are no nasty surprises. This way you can have complete peace of mind.

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